Doctor Who: The Angels Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery

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She played it brilliantly as she always does. Anyone else would just ruin it. If you were to make a film of this book, what would be the tag line be? To short to make a movie out of.

Doctor Who: The Angel's Kiss

I really do think that they should make more books along these lines. Let her finish out the angels bit ending with Rory and Amy being gone. Then start out a new adventure all of the fun things she does when she is with or without the doctor. We really do not see enough of the doctors wife on the TV show so it is nice to read more about her between shows. What does the missus get up to when hubby sweetie is off saving the universe?

The Angel's Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery

She runs a detective agency specialising in angels. Sexy River oops, I mean Melody is being her bad girl best and getting to the reasons behind the mysteries. Alex Kingston is so at home with this character. Her narration is perfect.

After one listen I could see the whole book as if I'd been there. Time travel the easy way. If none of this review made any sense to you it probably means you haven't seen the last few seasons of the BBC's Doctor Who and won't understand the characters in this book.

Melody Malone (Doctor Who)

Go watch the series and then start on the books. Both the series and the books are very good. There's no Doctor in this story, but it drops subliminal messages throughout that relate to the TV series and make you feel like you're in on something because you know what they're talking about.

Very well done. River is a different companion than anybody else the Doctor has traveled with, and not only have they written her personality so accurately, having Alex Kingston narrate it is just perfect. I just like to listen to hear her voice.

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I absolutely loved this book! It's a must listen for any Doctor Who fan!

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Alex Kingston is always a joy to listen to. Her voice is both soothing and sexy! What an enjoyable telling of a well written, very interesting story.

When a small movie company's male star comes to Melody to keep from being killed, Melody begins an investigation that goes from odd to bizarre when the star who hires her doesn't recall doing so I love the concept but no happy with the execution. Still a very proud Whovian.

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I bought this book thinking it was the novel from the Doctor Who episode The Angel's Take Manhattan; that is not the case. This is an entirely separate story under the same premise as A Melody Malone Mystery. It may be a great read, but be aware of what it is you're getting. Customer Reviews See All.

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BBC has just released an ebook about the dame detective who's "packing cleavage that could fell an ox at twenty feet. Although it has the same cover and some of the same prose as the book the Doctor and Amy read, this isn't the same future telling novel.

Rather than a full novel in which Rory, Amy, and the Doctor showing up halfway through, The Angel's Kiss is a short story starring River as the wry detective named Melody Malone. Here's the synopsis:. On some days, New York is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This was one of the other days…. Melody Malone, owner and sole employee of the Angel Detective Agency, has an unexpected caller.